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Touring Skis and Equipment by Movement – A Brand with Ski Touring at Its Heart

11movement ski touring

Ski touring, a practice that has transformed over centuries into a popular winter sport, combines a love for the mountains with the excitement of skiing. Unlike traditional skiing, which mostly takes place on groomed slopes, ski touring offers the freedom to explore pristine snowy landscapes and remote mountain flanks. This sport, known for its demanding nature and adventurous spirit, attracts both experienced skiers and those seeking a new challenge in nature.

An important factor in ski touring is the equipment, which must be light, durable, and adaptable to various terrains.

Here, a name that has become synonymous with innovation and quality in the world of ski touring in recent years emerges: Movement. Founded with the vision of creating premium touring skis, Movement combines advanced technology and a passion for the mountains to offer skiers an unparalleled experience.

With its high-tech products, the result of years of research and development, Movement strives to enable ski tourers to push the boundaries of what’s possible. From light yet strong skis that provide excellent maneuverability on various snow surfaces to innovative equipment that enhances safety and comfort on mountain adventures, Movement offers comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of the most demanding skiers.

In the following paragraphs, we will explore in more detail how Movement’s products not only follow trends but actively co-create them, and how their innovations contribute to the development of ski touring. History and Development of the Movement Brand Today considered one of the leading names in the world of ski touring, Movement has its roots deeply anchored in a passion for the mountain world and innovation. Established at the beginning of the 21st century, Movement quickly established itself as a pioneer in the manufacture of skis tailored to the specific needs of ski tourers.

Beginnings and Vision

The early years of the Movement brand were marked by the ambition to create skis that would allow ski tourers to achieve better performance and greater safety in demanding mountain conditions. This vision led to the development of skis that were lighter yet strong enough to withstand various snow conditions.

Innovations and Technological Progress

  • One of the brand’s first innovations was the introduction of lightweight yet extremely strong materials, such as carbon, into the construction of skis. This enabled the production of skis that were ideal for long ascents and dynamic skiing in deep snow.
  • Movement also focused on improving the geometry of skis, thereby achieving better maneuverability and stability at high speeds.
  • In the mid-2010s, Movement introduced revolutionary technology that enabled the production of even lighter and more responsive skis. This technology set new standards in the ski touring industry.

Expansion of the Range

  • In addition to skis, Movement expanded to the production of high-quality ski touring bindings and boots, thus creating a comprehensive system of equipment for ski tourers.
  • Collaboration with top ski tourers and mountain guides allowed Movement to gain valuable feedback, contributing to further development and improvements.

Awards and Achievements

  • Throughout its history, Movement has received numerous awards and accolades for the innovation and quality of its products, further solidifying its position in the market.
  • Their skis have been chosen as equipment in numerous expeditions and competitions, demonstrating their reliability and performance in extreme conditions. Movement’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation laid the foundations for the development of ski touring as we know it today. Their vision and hard work have led to the development of products that not only meet but often exceed the expectations of skiers around the world.

Overview of Movement Products

The Movement brand is known for its wide range of touring skis, designed to suit different skiing styles and terrain conditions. Each model in their collection combines innovative technology and superior craftsmanship to ensure optimal performance and enjoyment in the snow. Below is an overview of some key models of touring skis by Movement, along with an analysis of their features and technologies.

Model ‘Alp Tracks’

  • Features: The ‘Alp Tracks’ series is known for its ultra-light design, ideal for long ascents and technical descents.
  • Technology: The use of carbon fibers and advanced composite materials allows these skis to be extremely light without compromising strength and stability.
  • Ideal for: Experienced ski tourers seeking a combination of light ascent and reliable descent.

Model ‘Session’

  • Features: ‘Session’ is a versatile model, suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers. It boasts a balanced width and profile, allowing good performance in various snow conditions.
  • Technology: Integrated technology to reduce vibrations and a special ski geometry ensure a smooth ride and excellent edge grip.
  • Ideal for: Skiers looking for reliable skis for diverse conditions.

Model ‘Vertex’

  • Features: ‘Vertex’ is a lightweight model, primarily intended for fast ascents, yet still provides satisfactory performance during descents.
  • Technology: The use of lightweight cores and advanced ski composition allows for extreme lightness during ascents without sacrificing stability and maneuverability during descents.
  • Ideal for: Skiers who spend a lot of time on ascents and appreciate the lightness of equipment.

Model ‘Free Tour’

  • Features: This model is designed for skiers seeking excellent performance in descents even in deep snow.
  • Technology: A wider construction and specially designed front part of the skis ensure excellent flotation in soft snow.
  • Ideal for: Skiers looking for off-piste skiing and deep snow skis.

Analysis of Movement Technologies

Lightness: One of the key characteristics of Movement skis is their light weight, which is crucial for ski touring. This is achieved by using innovative materials, such as carbon fibers and lightweight wooden cores.

Strength and Stability: Despite the light construction, Movement skis do not compromise on strength and stability. Advanced technologies and materials ensure that the skis remain firm and reliable even in challenging conditions.

Ski Shape: Movement focuses on developing various ski shapes, tailored to the specific needs of skiers and different snow conditions. Their models range from wider skis that provide better flotation in deep snow to narrower skis for better agility and control in technically demanding conditions. A dynamic combination of rocker and camber ski profiles enhances maneuverability and stability while ensuring efficient grip on harder snow surfaces.

Durability: Movement also focuses on the long-term durability of its skis. Using high-quality materials and precise manufacturing processes, Movement ensures that their skis are not only high-performing but also resistant to wear and damage common in ski touring.

Binding Technology: The bindings recommended and developed by Movement are tailored to ensure optimal safety and performance. These include lightweight yet very durable materials, simple mechanisms for switching between ascent and descent modes, and advanced safety features that reduce the risk of injury.

Innovations in Boots: Ski touring boots by Movement are designed with comfort and performance in mind. With technologies such as thermoformable foam that allows the boot to adapt to the shape of the foot and advanced locking mechanisms that provide stability during descent, Movement ensures that their boots are among the most innovative on the market.

Emphasis on Sustainability: Movement not only focuses on current performance but also on the sustainability of its products. This includes choosing environmentally friendly materials and production processes that reduce environmental impact while ensuring the long-term use of skis and equipment.

Additional Equipment and Accessories

In addition to manufacturing top-quality touring skis, the Movement brand also offers a wide range of additional equipment and accessories essential for a complete ski touring experience. This equipment is designed to be fully compatible with Movement skis and ensures maximum performance, safety, and comfort.

Below is an overview of some key accessories that Movement recommends for use with their skis.


  • Features: Movement bindings are known for their lightweight design and strength. They offer an optimal balance between weight and performance, which is key for ski tourers.
  • Innovations: Advanced mechanisms for easy switching between ascent and descent modes, along with robust and reliable locking systems, ensure safety and comfort.
  • Technological Advantages: Movement bindings are designed to reduce fatigue during long ascents and improve control during descents.


  • Features: Movement boots are designed to provide an optimal balance between comfort during ascent and support during descent.
  • Innovations: The use of lightweight materials, such as thermoformable foam, and innovative closing systems ensure adaptability and a good fit.
  • Technological Advantages: Ergonomic design and advanced cushioning technology provide comfort and reduce the risk of blisters and other discomforts.


  • Features: Ski touring poles by Movement are lightweight yet extremely sturdy, which is crucial for walking on steep and challenging terrain.
  • Innovations: Adjustable length and ergonomically designed handles ensure adaptability and comfort in various skiing situations.
  • Technological Advantages: The use of carbon fibers and other lightweight materials increases the durability and reduces the weight of the poles. Emphasis on Compatibility
  • Movement pays special attention to ensuring that all additional equipment is fully compatible with their skis. This means that the bindings fit easily onto the skis, the boots are optimized for use with Movement bindings, and the poles are adapted to the needs of ski tourers using

Movement skis. Conclusion

The entire range of additional equipment by Movement is designed with maximum performance and comfort for ski tourers in mind. Each product includes innovative technological solutions, the result of years of experience and knowledge in ski touring. By choosing Movement equipment, skiers ensure reliable, safe, and comfortable gear essential for enjoying ski touring. Experiences of Users and Experts When it comes to choosing the right equipment for ski touring, the opinions and experiences of those who have actually used the equipment are extremely valuable. Both recreational and professional ski tourers who use Movement equipment, as well as experts from the industry, have different views on the quality and performance of this equipment.

User Reviews and Opinions

  • Recreational Skiers: Many recreational skiers emphasize the comfort and ease of Movement equipment, which allows for longer and less strenuous ascents. They often also mention improved stability and maneuverability of the skis during descents, contributing further to their safety and enjoyment of skiing.
  • Professional Skiers: Professionals highlight the durability and reliability of the equipment, proving itself in demanding skiing endeavors. They also value the innovative technologies that allow for better performance in various snow conditions.

Industry Expert Comments

  • Technical Experts: Experts specialized in ski touring equipment often highlight the advanced materials and technologies that Movement uses in the manufacturing of their skis and equipment. They particularly appreciate innovations such as lightweight yet strong carbon fibers and advanced bindings that ensure safety and efficiency.
  • Mountain Guides and Instructors: These experts emphasize the practical aspects of the equipment, such as ease of use, reliability in extreme conditions, and long-term durability. Their opinions are based on extensive experience in diverse mountain conditions.

Final Thoughts

  • A common thread in all these opinions is the high rating of quality, performance, and reliability of Movement equipment. Both recreational and professional skiers, as well as industry experts, appreciate the Movement brand for their ability to innovate and adapt to the needs of different types of skiers. This confirms that Movement is committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of its users, which is key to their reputation and success in the ski touring industry.

Safety and Maintenance Ski touring is a sport that requires proper respect for safety guidelines and correct maintenance of equipment. Movement brand equipment is designed to ensure safety and efficiency in mountain conditions, but it is essential to follow these tips and recommendations.

Safe Usage Tips

  1. Equipment Check Before Use: Always check the condition of your skis, bindings, and boots before each use. This includes checking if the bindings are correctly adjusted and if the boots are properly tightened.
  2. Binding Adjustment: Bindings should be properly adjusted according to your weight, skiing ability, and snow conditions. Incorrectly adjusted bindings can increase the risk of injury.
  3. Wearing Protective Gear: Always wear a helmet and other protective elements, such as avalanche equipment (avalanche backpack, shovel, probe, and avalanche transceiver).
  4. Awareness of Conditions: Be informed about current snow and weather conditions and avalanche reports. Avoid ski touring in dangerous or unknown conditions.

Maintenance Tips

  1. Regular Cleaning: Clean your skis and bindings after each use to remove snow, ice, or dirt.
  2. Storage: Store skis and boots in a dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight or moisture, which can damage the equipment.
  3. Edge and Base Maintenance: Regularly check and sharpen the ski edges if necessary. The base of the skis should be regularly waxed for optimal gliding.
  4. Checking and Adjusting Bindings: Regularly check if the bindings are correctly adjusted and functional. In case of any irregularities, consult a professional.
  5. Inspection and Maintenance of Poles: Ensure that the handles, straps, and tips of the poles are in good condition and replace them if necessary.

Conclusion Proper use and maintenance of ski touring equipment are key to ensuring safety and extending the lifespan of the equipment. Following these simple but important steps will help ensure your Movement equipment is always ready for your next mountain adventure.

Comparison with Other Brands

When choosing equipment for ski touring, it is important to understand how Movement brand equipment compares with other leading brands in the market. Below is an unbiased comparison that highlights the advantages and potential disadvantages of Movement equipment compared to the competition.

Advantages of Movement Equipment

  1. Innovation: Movement is known for its innovative use of materials and technologies, such as lightweight carbon fibers and advanced ski compositions, providing exceptional lightness and strength.
  2. Specialization in Ski Touring: Movement primarily focuses on ski touring, reflected in their ski and equipment design tailored to the specific needs of ski tourers.
  3. Reliability and Durability: Movement equipment is known for its reliability and long-lasting durability, crucial in demanding mountain conditions.

Disadvantages of Movement Equipment

  1. Price Range: Movement equipment is often in the higher price range, which may be a limitation for some buyers.
  2. Limited Selection: As Movement focuses mainly on ski touring, their equipment selection might be less diverse compared to some competitors who offer a wider range of ski equipment.

Comparison with Competition

  • Compared to brands such as Dynafit, Black Diamond, or Salomon, also recognized in the world of ski touring, Movement stands out with its specialization and innovative approaches to ski design. While some other brands may be more known for their versatility or a wide range of ski equipment, Movement remains focused on ski touring.
  • Innovation and Technological Advancement: Movement often introduces technological innovations that the competition later incorporates into their models. This gives the brand an edge in terms of technological development and equipment performance.
  • Quality and Performance: In terms of quality and performance, Movement equipment is often comparable or even superior to competitive products, especially in models intended for more demanding ski tourers.


Although Movement equipment has some limitations, such as a higher price range and limited selection compared to some competing brands, its advantages in innovation, specialization, and reliability often prevail. For ski tourers looking for top-notch equipment, particularly tailored to the demands of ski touring, Movement is one of the leading options on the market.

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